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Gum graft



I recently had a dental bone graft. The periodontist placed gum tissue halfway down my one tooth. The tissue is now dying. It is white and mushy. No feeling. Should I call her? She had left a cell number. The office is closed. I am on steroids and oral antibiotics and dental rinse. Thank you for any information.


If you are concerned, my advice is you should always call your doctor. This will always relieve the anxiety on the patient and the doctor.

Gum grafts heal through phases. The first one is, once the gum graft is stitched into its new position, it shrinks slightly and the superficial layer dies because of lack of blood supply. Then, 2 to 3 days later, blood vessels start growing from the recipient site to the graft. This new blood circulation that is reestablished allows the graft to take properly and it matures over time. For the reasons stated before, the graft changes in color from whitish pink, to grayish/whitish pink, to yellow reddish, to reddish, and then to pink again.

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Jose I Arauz-Dutari, DMD Jose I Arauz-Dutari, DMD
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Periodontics
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University