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Lung Cancer

Small cell lung cancer



hi, my father has small cell cancer, he has had 3 doses of chemo which has considerably shrunk2 lymph node tumours and slightly shrunk a tumour in his chest and lung. part of the lung and some of the lung tumour was taken away with surgery. is there medication that can inhibit the growth of these tumours? he cant have radiotherapy on the one in his chest because its too close to the heart. maybe he will have radiotherapy on the others im not sure. thats why i am asking you if there is any type of other treatmen to halt the growth of the tumours. thankyou for taking the time in reading thie email,


Currently there exist several regimens (both standard and in clinical trial) for treatment of small cell lung cancer. Patients with early disease may be offered a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy or on rare occasion surgery followed by chemotherapy/radiation therapy. Small cell lung cancer is more sensitive to some chemotherapeutic agents than others. Regimens are highly individualized and treatment depends on factors including staging (extent of disease), an individual's performance status, other medical conditions and history of previous treatment. Researchers are actively studying potential new drugs, variation of drug doses in current regimens and new radiation techniques. Lung cancer is a very heterogenous disease which makes the study of new targeted agents very important. Collaboration between your father's medical oncologist, thoracic surgeon and radiation oncologist may assist in providing a personalized treatment plan for your father. Please use the link below to find current clinical trials in small cell lung cancer.

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