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Exercise and cervical fusion



I have naturally occuring cervical fusion. I am also a candidate for osteoporosis and need to exercise. I am 56 years old and in good health. I do circuit exercise (similar to "Curves") and some work on the exercise ball. What I am not sure of is what types of exercise can I do so as not to exacerbate my cervical pain.? What should I avoid doing? Is there a brochure or book that may describe exercises that I can do or shouldn`t do? Thank you so much.


Unfortunately there is not a brochure or book, per se. It is important that you exercise, as you not, though. We would suggest that you confirm that your current exercise regimen is safe and effective with a physical therapist. He/she may also be able to prescribe some additional resistance exercises, such as using therabands (small, inexpensive bands with which you can perform a variety of resistance exercises) or other weight/resistance machines.

With the above beings said, keep in mind that strength is but one component of good fitness and health. We recommend that you also engage in regular aerobic exercise that does not involve rapid or sudden movements in a repetitive manner. Swimming or walking briskly would be excellent examples and can also tone your muscles.

Good luck.

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Stephen J Page, PhD Stephen J Page, PhD
Director of Research, Associate Professor
Drake Center
University of Cincinnati