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Alzheimer's Disease

Further Testing for Disorders and Diseases



If you were having dizzy spells, moments of blankness, or confusion if you want to call it that, a minor amount of pressure in my head when these episodes happen, a D-dimer of 4.28 ref range is 0.43 to 2.20 History of Factor V Leiden mutation, and PE`s and a CT Scan that says nonspecific low density in periventricular white matter c/w chronic microvascular ischemia. I have been seen for this, would you think further testing is required like an MRI, I am only 46 and am worried about stroke. I do not have HTN. I am already taking warfarin, and what would the treatment be for this type of thing. I am only asking for your opinion not a diagnosis


I am afraid this sounds too complicated to even give an opinion by email. To have these symptoms properly diagnosed, you will need to see a health professional. I would suggest a neurologist with expertise in vascular disease.

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Peter J Whitehouse, MD, PhD Peter J Whitehouse, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University