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Cervical fusion



I am considering having cervical fusion surgery soon. I have C5-6 disc protrusion with bone spurs and spinal stenosis. I have neck pain and weakness and it is very hard to sleep now at night, but my main problem is migraines. Everything I have read is arm weakness and numbness. Mine is shoulder pain, neck pain but more severe is migraines starting at the base of my neck and working up. I was told that sx can correct this. My question is, have you had many patients complain of migraines. Thank you.


We do not have experience with patients who have reported cervical fusion surgery and subsequent migraines. We also could not find any documented cases of this in the literature. Although the cause of migraines are not completely understood, it is usually not attributed to cervical fusion surgery or issues associated with that region.

For the above reasons, we would encourage you to contact your surgeon and/or a neurologist regarding your new migraine symptoms.

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Stephen J Page, PhD Stephen J Page, PhD
Director of Research, Associate Professor
Drake Center
University of Cincinnati