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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Red ear syndrome associated with arthritis



I have had this condition for a year and a half. I have gone to my dr and he has sent me to a neuroologist which did an mri. He found nothing but was able to tell me that it was hyperhemia. But no clue what was causing it and no one seems to know where I need to go from here. What happens is that my ear and side of my face gets very red to purple and is hot to the touch. It is painful and very irritating. My ear stays dry and peels all the time from it. They thought maybe lupus or a form of arthritis. Can you help at all with what to do for this? I am deperate and have found that a lot of people suffer from the same thing. I have various health problems. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel, COPD - emphysema, headaches, joint pain, fatigue (probably from the copd) and have had depression since I was a child. I am now 39 years old. Please let me know if you have any sugestions thank you so much!


An inflamed red ear, with arthritis, raised the possibility of polychondritis, and inflammation of cartilage. You should see a rheumatologist and ask if this could be the diagnosis.

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