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Vascular Surgery

Momentary vision darkening



My vision goes dark for a fraction of a second, as I feel a brief painless sensation in my brain, like a quick spasm, during which I feel like I will pass out or fall over. My doctor did not take me seriousluy, and told me to see a psychologist. I went to an eye doctor, and he said my eyes were OK. My mother had a stroke from vasculitis as a complication of RA. My aunt had a stroke and uremia, and my grandmother had a heart attack. Should I see a vascular specialist or a neurologist?

This problem has been occuring off and on since 1996. It occurs for a few months, then stops for a couple of years, then starts again. I also have heavy legs muscles (like cement) and trouble walking. My doctor ordered doppler studies and said they were normal. Then he wrote me a letter telling me to find another doctor. I do not think he believes me.


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If the doppler study of your carotid arteries and the ankle brachial indices are normal I would feel less inclined to believe there is vascular problem. You might ask to see a neurologist.

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