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Teeth movement



How fast do teeth usually move? Does it vary much depending on the type of braces? Or the way the wire is originally placed? Is it very different for different people? I heard that the movement is usually noticeable by about 4-6 weeks, but I could already tell the difference at the end of the 1st week. I have had my braces for six weeks now, and my teeth have moved soooo much since I got the braces on. Is it supposed to slow down? My orthodontist said I`d have to have braces for a year. It doesn`t sound too long, so may he be doing something to speed up the process?


Sounds to me that you are doing quite well for the limited time of the installation of your braces. Remember though 2/3rds of the tooth is the part you don't see and that takes longer to place in the correct position. If that is not done or treatment is too quick, the roots will not be upright and parallel. This is important in the stability of the result. So don't be impatient and remember that it takes a lot longer to position the roots correctly than the crowns which is the part you see.

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