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Outpatient v. Inpatient for Urethral Sling



I am a relatively healthy 53 year-old, scheduled for the sling procedure next month. My doctor is supposed to be an expert...but he is not amenable to questions being asked - and I have some! My major issue is that nearly everything I`ve read indicates that this is major, invasive surgery and generally requires 2-3 days in the hospital with a 2-3 week recovery. My doctor is doing it on an outpatient basis and says that there`s no reason I can`t go back to work 5 days later (when he removes the catheter). This is a pretty big discrepancy in theories concerning this procedure, I think. Is he being too cavalier...and should I consider finding a different surgeon who agrees with the more conservative care philosophy? Am I even SAFE having it done the "quickie" way?


The procedure your surgeon has suggested is called TVT or TOT. These operations are performed on an outpatient basis and they use synthetic materials to support the urethra. The recovery period is relatively short. However, every surgery has its potential complications and your surgeon should explain them to you. If you do not get a proper response, you may want to seek a second opinion.

The major surgery you have read is similar to the above but the surgeon uses your own tissue, such as the tissue covering your abdominal muscles. This operation is more involved and requires hospital stay.

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