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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Trazodone Dosage



I have been on trazadone for 8years, my dosage for the past few years has been 50mg each night. Is this dosage doing me any good or should I think about comming off it. Also, how much alcohol could be consumed on this dosage.


Only you and your physician can determine if the medication at that dose is doing you "any good."  When used for treating depression, most people need higher doses, but when used to assist with sleep and insomnia, or in combination with other medications or with counseling therapies, many people use a lower dose. Discuss this with your physician, but do not stop taking the medication without contacting him or her.

A small amount of alcohol can be consumed while taking low doses of trazodone -- exactly how much depends on your age and your gender, as well as other medications you may be taking.  Please discuss this with your physician, as well.

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