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Vaginal bleeding during/after intercourse



I am a 60yr old woman.I had a hysterectomy in my early 40`s & went through the Menopause in my early 50`s. For the past year or so l have experienced slight bleeding during & after instercourse & as l am in a fairly new relationship l find this both alarming & embarrasing. I have used KY jelly to see if this would help but it does not seem to have made much difference & am now trying Replens. What is realy worring me is why this should be happening....HELP.


If you are experiencing pain at the opening of the vagina, you may have a fissure that is opening each time you have intercourse.  You could check with a mirror to see if that is the case, or have your partner check.  Some women have a polyp at the cervix that can bleed with intercourse.  That generally requires a pelvic examination with a speculum.  Other less common problems can also cause bleeding with intercourse, so if the bleeding persists, you should see your physician.

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