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Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects

Hypohidrosis treatment



My fiance has suffered from hypohidrosis most of his life but it is getting much worse. About 5 years ago he went to Mayo clinic and they told him there was nothing he could do. He has given up. We live in Fl and it is very hard on him during the summer months. He seems to consume an inordinate amount of salt and doesn`t drink enough fluids (in my opinion). Is there currently treatment that could help him with his condition? Any help you might give would be greatly appreciated.


Hypohidrosis is an abnormal decrease or absence of sweating and is often associated with other underlying conditions. Because people with Hypohidrosis do not sweat or sweat very little, the only treatment (there is no cure) is to make sure that person can be in air conditioned areas.

Also, because Hypohidrosis is often associated with other conditions, if your fiancée has not done so already (the Mayo Clinic may have done so), I would recommend that he be evaluated for other problems. Some of the disorders that have hypohidrosis as part of the disorder are inherited.

Your fiancée may want to talk to his doctor to discuss this in detail. If there is a concern that this is part of a underlying condition, he may want to see a geneticist for further discussion. He can locate a genetics center near him at the website below.

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