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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Blue Feet



I am 23 years old. 4`11" tall and I weigh 84 pounds. I don`t have diabetes, or any type of arthritis. About a month ago my toes began turning a blue/purple color and they itched really bad. I went to the doctor and they just prescribed a topical cream with steriods and antifungal. The itching stopped but now the skin is broken and they are still blue, the pinky toe is the worst on both feet turning practically black at times. My whole foot is also purple I never noticed it before but someone pointed it out to me when I had on sandals. My feet have always been cold even when I wasn`t cold. Could this be something serious or should I just leave it alone?


Your symptoms may be caused by a vascular or circulation source. One possibility is Raynaud’s Phenomenon (RP). RP is characterized by spasticity of the blood vessels that lead to your digits (fingers and/or toes). One may experience color changes of their digits. The most common type of RP is found in young women, is not associated with other diseases, and is a benign process. However, occasionally RP may be associated with a other diseases. Ask your doctor about RP or other potential causes of your symptoms.

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