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Athletic Training

Groin pull



My daughter pulled her groin playing soccer. Will physical therapy speed up the healing process? How long does it normally take to heal and should she stop training and playing until it feels better?


Determining how long it takes for an injury such as a "groin pull" will take to heal is really difficult to determine without doing a formal hands-on evaluation.  Muscle strains are graded by the severity of the damage to the muscle tissue, so the more muscle tissue that is torn the longer it will take to heal. 

An athletic trainer or physical therapist would be able to perform/recommend treatments intended to optimize the healing process of this injury.  They would also be able to allow a gradual return to sport specific injuries. 

I would not recommend training or participating in soccer if it is painful or uncomfortable, as this is her body telling her that she is doing too much, and she is risking prolonging the time she will miss and may exacerbate the injury.  The groin muscles are active in straight ahead activity, but less so than with cutting, so this should be the type of activity to begin with.  Activity should gradually increase in duration and intensity. 

As she feels better she should do some easy soccer specific activities in controlled environments (on the side) before returning to game situations/speed.

Good Luck!

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Jamie   Birkelo, MA, ATC Jamie Birkelo, MA, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University