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Arthritis and Rheumatism




In reading your Q&A section, I see a relationship with muscles spasms while relaxed and arthritis. I am going to see an RA doctor soon because of blood work results, but I was in a accident that involved falling and jolting my body. Since that time I have had unexplained muscles spasms that occur more when I am relaxed. We have ruled out mental problems such as anxiety, and the MRI`s account for the back pain but not for the spasms. I am 55 and have taken anti-inflamatories for over 35 years for general arthritis and knees joint pain.


When your posture changes, your body position changes.  This causes abnormal use of muscle groups resulting in muscle spasms.  Osteoarthritis in the back and knees, which can result in altering gait, can lead to development of muscle spasms.

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