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Asthma and Pulmonary Contusions



I was in a very bad car accident a year ago. I was told that both of my lungs were basically a very large Pulmonary Contusion. Since the accident I have had trouble with breathing. I had weezing and shortness of breath every so often. Six months after the accident I was diagnosed with asthma. I was told that it was caused from the severe damage that my lungs had been through. I want know now a year later if this really is the cause of the asthma and if it is temporary or something permanent.


Your question is difficult to answer without information about the X-RAY evidence of contusion, pulmonary function tests done after the accident and how these compare with a current X-RAY and pulmonary function tests. I am not aware of a connection between contusion and asthma. If the car's airbags deployed, it is possible that you could have developed irritant-induced asthma.

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