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Small brain bleed = lifetime of double vision



My mother had a "small brain bleed" over a year ago. She has not experienced any numbness, loss of memory, or loss of motor skills. But she constantly feels drunk/dizzy, and she has double vision. She has been told it is neurological and there`s nothing they can do. Can you recomemd a site that would educate us? I`ve known a lot of folks who`ve had strokes, but I`ve never heard of symptoms like she`s having.


The symptoms that persist after a stroke depend upon where in the brain the stroke occurs.  it is possible for someone to feel have constant incoordination and double vision after a stroke, especially if the bleed occurred in the brainstem.  These are symptoms that do not recover well, but there are some things that can be done to provide relief.  For the double vision, a visit to an opthalmologist can be helpful--they can provide prisms to be put into glasses so that the double vision can be resolved or lessened when wearing the glasses.  Most patients find this useful.  The alternative is to wear a patch over one eye.  For the incoordination, physical therapy sometimes helps.  Good luck.

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