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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Tingling and Anxiety



I`ve been suffering from anxiety for 2 years now. I`m a 22 year old female and currently under no medication. For the last few days, I`ve been getting severe tingling sensaton intermittently. I would be more worried about it but I simply relate it to my anxiety. I`ve never had this symptom before, so I was just wondering if this feeling is part and parcel of anxiety or should I be worried. The tingling is everywhere but mostly in my mouth and arms/legs.


Tingling feelings in the mouth, arms and legs certainly can be associated with anxiety disorders.  However, it is important that you do NOT assume that is what is causing yours until you talk to a medical professional, who can better evaluate you and make sure that anxiety is the likely cause.

There are excellent treatments for anxiety, but medications and therapy, and I encourage you to talk to your health care provider about pursuing treatment.

Good luck.

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Nancy   Elder, MD Nancy Elder, MD
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