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Double vision



History: My husband an accountant (60) had congestive heart failure in Nov. 06 and they drained fluid and was doing great Then a few months later after medicine did not improve the heart rate they gave him a catherization Found blockage Then he had a 4 bypass in Feb. 07 He was doing GREAT His neck arteries are under 50% All was well and he was prepared to go back to work. . . Then after 4 weeks from the surgery he got double vision and we went to the ER - They did a CT and gave him an aspirin - thinking it was a TIA He got an MRI that week and discovered a 2mm stroke in the brainstem that effected the eye movement Now he is on all the medicines including cuomadin and plavix and aspirin

My questions are: HOW LONG statically does the double vision last? It has been 3 weeks. Does body pain come with this?

Does the clot dissolve? Disappear?

Can we do anything about how tired and sick he feels from this double vision.

Should we push to get better or rest more?

Thank you


Recovery after stroke varies from person to person.  Some never recover at all, while others recover completely.  The majority recover to some degree.  Timing of recovery varies too.  The best rule of thumb is that recovery happens more in the short term than the long term (i.e. we see most of the recovery in the first days to weeks after stroke).  Thus, I cannot tell you what your husband can expect for recovery.

Double vision symptoms can be lessened for some patients with prisms placed in glasses, or can be resolved by wearing an eye patch.  It would be best to discuss these options with an opthalmologist locally.

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Director, Neurology Residency Program
College of Medicine
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