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Exercise and Fitness

Tone up in 3 days



It`s nearly time to head bakc to school, and I would like to tone up before i go bakc. I have a large exercise ball and a trampoline. So do you have any ideas of how i could tone my legs, arms, and abs up in 3 days??


There is no such thing as `spot reducing`, however, keep in mind that strengthening exercises will help to firm these muscles, but one must be consistent in performing such exercises. Only aerobic-type exercises (i.e., walking and cycling) will help reduce unwanted body fat.

Regular cardiovascular exercise in combination with strength training is the best way to lose fat, tone and strengthen your muscles and improve your health.  Focus on lifestyle changes by making small changes over time. 

For general health improvement, it is recommended to perform cardiovascular fitness activities (i.e., walking, swimming, bicycling, etc.) for 3-5 days/week. Strength training is a very important component in any weight management program. It is recommended to perform strength training activities 2-3 days/week with a day of rest in between workouts. Flexibility exercises should be performed daily.

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Rachael   Dotson, BS Rachael Dotson, BS
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Certified Johnny G Spinning Instructor
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
University of Cincinnati