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Strange cyst



my son had a below knee amputation almost 2 years ago because of bone cancer...about one week ago a cyst developed on his stump on the insision scar..the Dr drained it with a needle and put him on antibiotics but it came back 2 days later so they cut it open a bit to drain it and when the dr squeezed it a bunch of very small white balls came out with blood they looked like tapioca it was very strange the dr has sent a sample away but thinks they are from the surgery he said maybe like an antibitoc or packing they put in on the stump or on the end of the bone...of course this is just a small town GP`s opinion not the actual surgeon...I would like to know why they came out in the form of a cyst and will more come out or is it serious we don`t see the Gp for another week ..please any info on this weird thing happen would be greatly appreciated.. a very worried mother


Cysts similar to the one you are describing can be caused by excess friction between the skin and the prosthetic leg. The contents of the cyst will contain tissue that results from inflammation caused by the friction. It rarely will cause permanent problems. You may need to meet with the prosthetist to make a modification to your son's prosthesis. Wait for your doctor's response for an exact answer to your son's situation.

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