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Face and Jaw Surgery

Removal of hardware



I broke my jaw in 3 places in a car accident, my jaw was wired shut for 4 weeks. The doc. says the hardware can be removed in a week or two, I heard from one patient that there is a serious of 17 shots involved in the mouth area during this procedure or I can opt for sedation at $305.00 up front on the day of removal. Not only does the hardware need to be removed but I bit my tongue in half during the accident and there is now a skin tag that needs to be removed off my tongue, yet another shot. I really can`t afford the sedation because I need to save my money for the teeth that were also knocked out during the accident, there is minimum insurance coverage and it looks like alot the money for this will be coming out of my pocket. What I would very much like to know is, how bad will the shots hurt if I can not take the sedation? I hate needles and am scared of the thought of even 1 needle but as I said the money is needed elsewhere. Will I feel every shot or maybe just a couple? Please help and thank you for your time.


You really don't need 17 or 20 shots to get your mouth anesthetized for this procedure.  Typically 6 to 8 injections is all it takes.  Yes, they are a little uncomfortable, but most people tolerate this well.  The other option would be to do topical anesthesia with a spray, which eliminates the need for injections, but the anesthetic effect is not as profound. 

I hope this helps.

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