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Exercise and Fitness

Having a butt



What excercisizes do I have to do to have a nise nice butt?


Great Gluteus Maximus

Gluteus who? What is a gluteus maximus anyway? The “gluteus maximus” muscle is one of several muscles which form the buttocks. The other two muscles are the “gluteus minimus” and “gluteus medius”. The “gluteus maximus” is the largest and most prominent muscle. This muscle allows us to extend and rotate our hip. We use this muscle whenever we get up from a chair, climb stairs, jump, or ride a bicycle.

One of the best exercises to strengthen the gluteus maximus is the SQUAT.  A squat can be done in numerous ways.

Another exercise for this muscle is a bent knee HIP EXTENSION on elbows and knees.

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Carolyn   Nickol, RD, MEd Carolyn Nickol, RD, MEd
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
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