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Obesity and Weight Management

Weight problem



How can a person espcially one who has not been doing any physical activity or diet, having weight problem lose weight without using a pedometer?


If you don't want to use a pedometer I would just use the clock. Set aside 60-90 minutes to be physically active. It doesn't have to be all at once.

This extra physical activity still has to be done in conjunction with calorie control. So monitor what you eat now so you know how many calories you are eating and when you are eating them.

Go to ChooseMyPlate.gov and put in your current age, gender, activity level and (optional) weight and height. Reducing your calories 300-500 calories per day from what is recommended for weight maintenance for your age, gender, and activity level will provide a slow weight loss. Don't reduce calories too drastically or you slow your basal metabolism because your body will shift into starvation mode. Your weight will be controlled better by making small changes in food intake and physical activity.

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Sharron   Coplin, MS, RD, LD Sharron Coplin, MS, RD, LD
Former Lecturer
Food & Nutrition
College of Education and Human Ecology
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