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Vascular Surgery

Foot pain and leg bruising



My wife and I were on a flight to florida, when she started to complain about aches in her left leg, when we left the plane she could barely walk (pain was in the middle of her left foot). The next day I noticed a very dark narrow bruise which seemed to follow a vein horizontally in the back of her knee (almost looked like a vericous vein). A day or so later another larger but lighter bruise appeared on her left thigh above the knee on the side of her leg, a few days later a medium blue small round bruise appeared on the upper left calf. Now all bruises are gone but the foot pain and limp remains after 3 weeks.. Thank You!


She may have some underlying venous insufficiency - problems with the vein valves in her legs, which can lead to varicose veins. i would suggest she see her primary care physician to be sure there is no reason to suspect a blood clot, then consider investing in some support stockings.

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