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Concerned that I`ve had a TIA - I`m 37!



I`m healty - exercise 3-4x/week. 5`9" 145lbs. I am 37, female. I was out with a friend yesterday for a hike - 1hour not particularly strenuous. On the way home I had a problem with my vision, almost the sensation of looking at something bright and experiencing temporary "blind spots". that lasted about 1 hour. then upon meeting for dinner (and before eating) suddenly I couldn`t get my words out, all the wrong words kept coming out, completely unrelated to the conversation, some words were slurred- or I had to really grasp for a simple word - I just couldn`t grasp what I was saying at all... (I had NOTHING to drink) We laughed about it at the time - it was seemingly unimportant - and was over in about 10 minutes...does it seem possible someone my age, in my health would have a TIA?


It is important that you see your doctor and have an evaluation for possible causes of these symptoms.  This could be something like a migraine headache (did you have a headache at any point?), but it is possible that it was a TIA.  While it is somewhat unlikely to have a TIA at age 37 if you are in good health, remember that 25% of all strokes occur before the age of 50, so it is not impossible.  You have much to lose if you would go on to have a stroke, so please take this seriously and see your doctor.  In the short term, you could consider taking an enteric coated aspirin daily.

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Director, Neurology Residency Program
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