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Compression fracture



mild compression at the body of T11 with mild anterior wedging.similar mild compression fracture of L1.minimal degenerative and hypertrophic changes involve the thoracic interspaces.i still suffer from backpain and my leg sometimes tingels like it fell a sleep.can you please explain those medical terms in plain english.i was in an caraccident in oct.06.will i get better?


"mild compression at the body of T11 with mild anterior wedging." T11 is the level of the injury - each of your vertebrae are numbered, and T11 is in the thoracic region of your back.

Each vertebrae has different regions, with the main portion of it being the body; the body of yours is mildly compressed, or "pushed down." This could be due to factors such as osteoporosis or trauma. You should be concerned as fractures are very common in this part of the back with this condition.

"mild compression fracture of L1" see above - refers to your lumbar (lower) back region. When a bone in the spine collapses, it is called a vertebral compression fracture.

It is possible that there is some pressing on a nerve by some of your vertebrae, which is causing the tingling. Since he/she is most familiar with your case and history, only your physician will be able to tell you for sure whether you will get better and what is causing your pain and tingling.

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