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Colon Cancer

Blood in Bowel Movements



I`m a 23 year old female, and for the past 3 days when ever I`ve gone to the bathroom, bowel movement or not I`ve had blood come out with it. the 1st day it was just when I wiped, but then day 2 I was bleeding while having the B.M., and still spotting even after I had finished. Now with it being day 3, theres blood with or w/o a movement, and it`s heavier now to where the water it red. My lower abdomen hurts a little but, I`m also close to my period so I can`t tell if it`s pre-cramps or something more serious. I`ve brought this up to my Doctor before about 3 months ago, but back then it was a spot once in a great while, he told me that it was a hemirod and not to worry... well now I`m worried. What do I do? I don`t want to die from Cancer, I`m young and I want a family of my own... please help.


Although in a 23 year old, it is likely due to a hemorrhoid or a tear, given the fact that it’s recurring, I would recommend seeking medical help. If your primary care physician cannot help, you could see a gastroenterologist.

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Gregory S Cooper, MD Gregory S Cooper, MD
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