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Urinary Tract Cancers

Tender mass on top pole of testicle



White Fourteen years old.

About a few weeks ago I noticed a small "string" like structure, like a very small grain of rice, coming off the top left pole of my right testicle. Ever since then, it seemed to get a little larger but still a little smaller than a grain of rice. Inside of it seems to be a mass, smaller than a BB but the same shape. When I really examine it, it feels like the BB that is inside this structure isn`t attached to my testicle, but it is very close to it and I could be wrong. Where the bb sized mass is inside the string, it is tender, and the rest of the string is soft. I`ve tried shining a light through it and found it quite hard to examine since it`s on the left side, and it is very small. Also, when I squeeze it with a little bit of pressure, it is painful.

Testicle`s are same size, and hang the same. No extra fluid in the scrotum. Basically the only symptom I have is this "string like structure."

I just have a few question`s. -What could this be? -Could it be testicular cancer? -Also, I`ve tried talking to my dad about this and asked him if we could go to the doctor.He just told me that it`s nothing and if my testicle starts to hurt, to tell him. How could I approach him again so he doesn`t lay me off and so I don`t get the same response. Honestly, this has got me worried. -And anything that could be helpful I would appreciate.

-Thank you for you time.


Normally there are very small "appendages" on the testicle that are located on the upper pole of the tesiticle. These typically cause no problems and I believe that is what you are palpating.  I doubt this is anything more, but to be sure I suggest you be examined by a physcian who should be able to confirm my suspicions.

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
Formerly, Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University