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Colon Cancer

Difficulty in prep for colonoscopy



Due to neurological & swallowing issues, thin liquids (and even Jello) make patient choke tremendously; only smooth puree consistency can be ingested. (Also, tablets & capsules must be crushed into fine powders; only a very narrow range of consistencies can be swallowed without choking.) Can prep for colonoscopy or virtual colonoscopy still be done somehow -- without having to drink lots of liquids or taking lots of tablets? Or is there an alternate method for being thoroughly screened for colon cancer? Thank you.


They may be able to crush tablets of one of the preps (OsmoPrep) but would have to check with Pharmacy if this is feasible, but this prep requires lots of liquids. Given these difficulties would suggest alternative screening (sigmodioscopy which requires only enemas).

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Gregory S Cooper, MD Gregory S Cooper, MD
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