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Bleeding and Clotting Disorders




48 white female. I developed a dvt in 2000. I also have fibro, and in 2001 it was totally controlling my life. I was sent to a rheumatologist who tested me for RA and lupus. Although I was neg. for those it was found I had an issue with blood clotting. In 2002, I had exstensive blood work and found that I have leiden factor v and hemocromtosis. My mothers father`s family come from Whales. During the last 7 yrs I have had a number of health issues.

Several yrs ago I had a cousin die from buddchiari syndrome. I am concerned that there may be a link between us. Both of my sons also have the gene for both . My youngest son and his wife just had their first baby. I am very concerned I have passed this on to all of them. I would be a big relief to just know that the disorders I have and not connected with my cousins.

Thank you for any help you can me.


As you stated, the Factor V Leiden and the Hemochromatosis can clearly be passed on to your children, and both need to be addressed with their physicians. Both may be more relevant in their lives as they get older, and therefore they should talk to their doctors about these issues and see specialists if need be.

There is no obvious connection between these disorders and the Budd Chiari that your cousin has, but rather a possible connection. Patients with Factor V Leiden can more commonly develop blood clots than others, which is exactly what Budd Chiari is. However, even with the Factor V Leiden, the presentation with an abdominal vein thrombosis (Budd Chiari) is quite rare, and not a common occurrence. This is the only connection between the cases that I can see from what you describe. As I said before, these are issues that should really be taken up with their physicians, at least to make them aware.

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Spero R Cataland, MD Spero R Cataland, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University