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Pancreatic Cancer

Lesion on pancreas



my healthy 20 yr. old son was just hospitalized with acute pancreatitis. They did an MRI and found an abnormal signal in the tail of the pancreas. There is a 1.5cm area between the abnormal signal and normal signal head and body which has delayed enhancement. his enzyme count when he entered was over 2,ooo for amylase and lipase. They starved the pancreas for 3 days and his count went down to 1,000. They released him and want to check his blood work in one week and do another MRI in 6 weeks to see if the lesion has gone down. My question do we wait that long? They are all mystified as to why he would have this. He has never drank or smoked and does not take any medication.


Pancreatitis in young patients could be due to genetic reasons. Definitely, recommend that this patient undergoes work-up for why he developed pancreatitis since this might recur.

It is unlikely that the lesion is cancerous due to his young age. This might be due to inflammation of pancreas. Repeating the studies in 6-8 weeks after the pancreas cools down is very reasonable.

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