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Hello there, I have an enquiry on blood clot in the head. My mother, currently at 62 years old, have headache many years ago. Recently, those headache have increased. The pain is great that even painkiller, at times, does not seem helpful. Besides, her head also have swollen here and there and those swollen parts is not fix to one part, it seem moving from one place to another. Western medical practitioner’s prescription have not been helpful, thus she opted for acupuncture. Though acupuncture is generally painful, but as compared to her headache, it is a lot bearable to her. And according to my mother, the acupuncture is to release the blood clot (which someone said that it is blood clot in her head). Further to our little website searching done, blood clot is a symptom or early sign of stroke, right? My mother besides the above, have the signs of minor stroke also that she feels sudden numbness on her whole left side of her body. And that happened twice as I can recalled. To prevent stroke or to cure it, what is the best method? Would you mind to give me guide on that? Thank you.


It is very important that your mother seeks medical attention by a neurologist with stroke expertise soon, especially when she has been experiencing stroke symptoms. Before we attribute the cause of her headaches to migraine or other benign headache types, a stroke neurologist must perform a thorough work up for stroke. Again, it is important that she seek medical attention by a stroke neurologist soon. Best Regards.

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Yousef  Mohammad, MD, MSc Yousef Mohammad, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor
Director, Stroke Fellowship Program
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University