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Mental Health

Treating Social Phobias



I was just wondering if it was a known thing for people with social phobias to have safe places like their house or bedroom. I feel better and more secure alone, I don`t like answering doors or telephones, talking or answering questions. I was diagnosed with OCD, GAD, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and even though I am on medication to help this I clinch my jaws so tight, sometimes I break my teeth. I also have heart problems which adds to it and it adds to the heart problems. I have a very hard time working and doing my job at times. I don`t know what to do.


You are obviously suffering from a combination of anxiety disorders that seem to significantly affect your life and impair your functioning.

You definitely need to consult a psychiatrist and receive appropriate treatment for these conditions. If you are receiving treatment, you and your psychiatrist need to review its effectiveness and other potential treatment options.

You are obviously suffering and need active treatment.

Good luck to you.

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Radu   Saveanu, MD Radu Saveanu, MD
Associate Professor
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University