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Mental Health

Treating Anxiety and Social Phobia



I am currently taking 250 mg of Wellbutrin, 40 mg of Prozac, and 10 mg of Klonopin everyday, but I still experience alot of stress and anxiety and depression. I clinch my jaws to the point I break my teeth. What can I do? I am also on medications for my heart as I have had a Heart attack and a couple major TIA`s(Transient Ischemic Attack).I like to be alone, I get extremly anxious answering a door or telephone. I can`t stand it. I feel better working on my own. I don`t know what I should do.I have been like this among other things for 30 years suffering from, OCD, GAD, Panic attacks, depression etc


I will try to answer both questions.

You obviously suffer from several anxiety disorders and have had difficulty keeping symptoms under control despite reasonable treatment. The symptoms you describe are typical of anxiety and social phobia (which is an anxiety disorder, as I’m sure you know). Since you remain symptomatic, I would suggest you see your psychiatrist to review what other options may be available-other medication combinations, a course of focused psychotherapy, or both. It is typical for anxiety disorders to begin early in life and to be chronic in nature-even though symptoms may vary in intensity from time to time.

You need more treatment or a review of treatment you have had to establish what else may work.

Take care.

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