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I have no immunity-can I be treated for sarc?



hello i have no immune system left due to ITP an internal bleeding disease. i`m on ivig antibody infusions every 10 days. i was recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis. they say its a mild case but i`m now in pain everyday and have swelling especially in my neck with my lymphs which is where they found the non caseating granulomas. i`m going back to cleveland clinic next month to see a pulmonary specialist in sarcoidosis for a chest xray. i`m allergic to prednisone and the doctors don`t know what to put me on. is this a hopeless situation because i have no immune system left and the antibody infusions are my immunity?


Dear Sir/Madam-

You ask a very difficult question, especially without knowing details about the status of your immune system. Assuming that all of you symptoms (enlarged lymph nodes, pain) are related to sarcoidosis, you may benefit from a medication that would suppress a specific part of your immune system. I agree with seeking consultation from an expert in the management of sarcoidosis, as you are doing. Your doctor will have to carefully review your records and determine if you would benefit from treatment, and if treatment is recommended, which treatment would be safe and effective.


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Elliott D Crouser, MD Elliott D Crouser, MD
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College of Medicine
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