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Breast Cancer

I can`t understand my biopsy result



I had stercastic biopsy and the resport showe that I have DCIS with small focus invasive lobular carcinoma Grade I. What does that mean. My doctor told me that I had non-invasive cancer that can not be spread, and I just looked at the report and see the sentence regrarding the invasive cancer and I am so scared.


Invasive cancer does have the ability to spread to other organs and lymph nodes, but it doesn’t mean that it has happened in your case. Your next move should be to make an appointment with either your primary care doctor or a breast surgeon to discuss surgery and further treatment. Breast cancer is VERY treatable, so please don’t let your fears stop you. Good luck.

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Jennifer B Manders, MD Jennifer B Manders, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati