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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Kids

Huge blister sore on tongue



My 3 year old daughter has developed a huge white blister on the tip of her tongue. At first glance I thought maybe she bit hertongue, but I am very bad for biting my tongue and I have never seen a blister like this before. It is about the siz eof a eraser ona pencil. She complains of it hurting and burning. I have also noticed a change in her eating habits. Please offer any information you can. Thanks


Thanks for your question.

There are several potential answers, ranging from self-limiting viral infections to anatomic malformation, to just a plain old bite. However, as it is changing her eating habits, and the significant size - she needs to be evaluated right away. Young children can get dehydrated very easily. Please take her to a dentist, or a pediatrician for a thorough evaluation and formulation of a plan of treatment.

Good luck.

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Sarath  Thikkurissy, DDS, MS Sarath Thikkurissy, DDS, MS
Director, Residency Program, Division of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati