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Pancreatic Cancer

Lesion on pancreas



My son has acute pancreatitis. They found a lesion on it 5wks ago. It was 1.5cm. His enzyme count was well over 2,000 for both the Amylase and Lipase. His lastest count is 253-Amylase and 157-Lipase. They did another MRCP and his lesion is only down to 1.4cm. His pancreas is still inflammed. They didn`t find and new lesions in the liver, adreneal glands, spleen, or kidney. No peripancreatic fluid collections were seen. They would like to wait again and do another one in 3-4 wks, to make sure there are no underlying lesions such as neural endocrine tumors. We have only seen this one doctor. He is a specialist in gastroenterology and internal medicine. Do we wait another 3-4 wks for another MRCP or should we take him to an oncologist and get him a second opinion? He is only 20 yrs. old. Thank you!


Waiting 4 weeks is the correct treatment. If the pancreas is inflamed it may mask lesions. Alternatively, the inflammation of the pancreas can cause cyst to form or can be interpreted as a lesion. By waiting, you give the pancreas a chance to heal and a more accurate CT scan can then be performed.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
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