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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Foot pain



Thank you for answering my other question.

I went to my GP today and he told me that the tendon that starts on the inside of my ankle and then fans out into my foot is inflamed. he said it was from walking on trails that are gravel and it sould cause my foot to turn. I have been walking on trails that have gravel, stones and even big rocks. He told me not to walk on those surfaces. I like going off the beaten track and explore th wild life. Is there any other surfaces that I should not be walking on? Having RA does that make it easier for me to get an injury from walking on these types of surfaces?


You’re quite welcome. It sounds like you have plantar fasciitis and this can result from walking on these, and other types of surfaces as well. There are some cases where standing on ladders or stooping down to do gardening can also causes this type of strain. Your RA does make it easier for these types of injury to occur. It is always important to make sure you have good shoes that support the foot properly for whatever function you are putting them through. For example hiking in shoes designed for racquet sports could result in strain as the shoe was not designed for the type of support and protection that you would need when hiking. Sometime a shoe insert is necessary to support the foot even in a good well designed shoe.

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