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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Lamitcal and Anxiety



I`ve been struggling with with aniexty over the past year or so and I recently visited a psychiatrist whom prescribed Lamitcal to help control mood swings. I`m not sure why since I`m not stuggling with mood swings (up and down) but aniexty/depression. Will Lamital help instill a sense of calm in person in fighting general aniexty? Thanks!


I certainly am not in a position to tell you if you are on the correct medicine -- I encourage you to ask your physician the exact same question you asked me - it is a good one and you deserve an answer from your personal physician.

Lamictal and other mood stabilizers are often used in patients with more severe mental illnesses, and in those who have more than one illness (for example, bipolar disorder and anxiety or maybe a personality disorder and severe depression, etc.)  Often severe forms of anxiety and depression may need a medication like Lamictal.

Please, continue to ask your physician these important questions.  And ask yourself if you feel better after taking the medicine for a few weeks.  That is another important piece of information!!

Good Luck.

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