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Ferritin level over 2000



Is a ferritin level over 2000 considered high and can the liver recover from this.also,can the pancreas recover?


Yes, this is considered quite high as it pertains to possible iron overloading.  It may also reflect some inflammation, so other tests may need to be done to confirm the result.

If hemochromatosis is found to be the disease responsible for the elevated ferritin, a lot of the cellular damage that occurs can be avoided if the iron level is brought down to safe ranges as soon as possible.

Without knowing further details about the case, I can't comment on whether or not the liver or pancreas in this case would be capable of recovering.  What's important is that the iron levels be reduced, either by medication or by phlebotomy.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
Former Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University