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Have have recently been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis after many illness`and for many years. It has even effected my brain. Last year my dentist decided that I just needed to have my teeth pulled. My doctor would tell me this too. I would have teeth that looked good on the outside but they were crumbling faster that they could be fixed. Right down to the root canals.

I am wanting to file with my insurance and was told by the insurance co. that they would pay. But for my sake I want to know just how Sacoidosis effected my teeth.


Although it is rare (less than 25 cases reported) it is possible that problems with your teeth were directly related to sarcoidosis, but that would require some testing (a sample of the affected tissues around your teeth) for confirmation. If sarcoidosis is found to be the cause of your dental problems, it may respond to treatment directed towards reducing the activity of the sarcoidosis.

It is also possible that drugs used to treat sarcoidosis (e.g., steroids, bisphosphonates) could contribute to dental problems. You should seek the advice of a dentist to determine the cause and the best treatment.

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Elliott D Crouser, MD Elliott D Crouser, MD
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