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Arthritis and Rheumatism

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Monday I went to my GP to get my blood pressure checked and I asked him about the pain that I had on the inside of my foot and ankle. He looked at it a said that I have inflamed tendons in my ankle and foot. I also have both RA and OA in my feet. Since Monday the pain is getting worse. Now I also have pain on both sides of the achilles tendon. When I am sitting down and puts my foot on the floor my heals comes up off the floor. But if I force it down it will go down. Once I relax it goes up again. When I walk my heal touches the floor. Can you explain why this might happen and if I should go back to my doctor again?


You may be experiencing “physiologic splinting” which is when the body tightens one group of muscles to avoid pain and damage to another area. It is difficult to say exactly what is wrong without an examination however I would advise that you seek medical treatment as the condition seems to be progressing. You may want to ask for a referral to a podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon or other foot care specialist.

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Jeffrey M Robbins, DPM Jeffrey M Robbins, DPM
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School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University