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Breast Cancer

Lactation and breast cancer



Since the birth of my 2nd son 3 yrs ago, I have never stopped lactating. This has been very painful with quite a lot of milk production. Investigations included brain MRI (normal) and prolactin level (normal). Treatment with Dostinex helped wonderfully for approx 6 months and now the pain and sensation of milk production has returned despite continued Rx, although the amount of discharge is very miminal now, indicating the Dostinex still works to a certain extent. Bilateral mammogram last wk showed "scattered fibroglandular densities, no focal mass or suspicious calcification. Regional asymmetry of the right breast". I`ve been called back for a 2nd mammogram with ultrasound. I am a 39 year old, otherwise healthy person. Does my "benign" lactation have anything to do with developing breast ca? (Family hx negative for breast ca but mother passed away at 44 from lung ca and father at age 76 from chronic lymphocytic leukemia). This is very concerning to my husband and myself.


I don’t know any connection between lactating and breast cancer. The next imaging study I’d order is a breast MRI.

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Jennifer B Manders, MD Jennifer B Manders, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati