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Urinary Tract Cancers

Blood on tissue after wiping



I have recently started to notice a very light pink blood on the tissue after peeing. I am a 45 year old female with no other symtoms. I have not noticed any blood in the urine.


Usually tissue tinged with blood signifies urethral origin and it is discovered by examination or cysourethroscopy. There is a condition of an inflammatory process around the neck of the bladder which is often the source. Urethral caruncle, which like hemorrhoid of the urethra also causes the same problem as well as urethral diverticulum. Very seldom malignant condition of the urethra may show its first sign by blood on the tissue.

See your urologist please.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
Formerly, Professor of Clinical Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati