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Falling out of bed



My grandmother has me extremely concerned as of late. Her mind has definitely been slipping quite a bit. Constantly repeating questions or forgetting that she has already told a story, etc. Now in the past two weeks she has been falling out of bed in the middle of the night. What could be causing all of this?


The information sent indicates your grandmother has been having forgetful episodes and in the past 2 weeks has fallen out of bed. My suggestion is to have her evaluated by her primary physician and accompany her to the appointment so that you have the opportunity to provide details of her symptoms over the past few months, with her permission. It may be that the memory problems may not be serious, but falling out of bed is not a normal aging consequence  and needs to be assessed.

Hopefully, you will encourage her to see her physician as soon as possible. In the meantime, please discuss with your grandmother the idea of putting pillows or some such padding on both sides of her bed to pad the floor and provide cushioning as a precaution against injury should she fall out of bed again. 

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Evelyn L Fitzwater, DSN, RN Evelyn L Fitzwater, DSN, RN
Associate Professor Emerita
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College of Nursing
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