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Infectious Diseases

Has the scabies been treated?



I was told I had scabies about 3 months ago. Have been treated with Ivermectin and Permitherin, as well as creams to help with the itching. After taking the Ivermectin the bites got so bad that a doctor prescribed Hydroxyzine. Question is---- if I still had scabies would this Hydroxzine be preventing the bites/bumps from showing on the skin ? Or is it just meant to stop the itch? I`m afraid I still have scabies and that once I finish the HYDROXZINE the symptoms will reappear. Any thouhts??


The "itch mite" that causes scabies, Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis, continues to cause your skin to itch for awhile, even after the mites have been killed by a scabecide such as permethrin or ivermectin. Hydroxyzine is a drug that stops the itching, but it has no effect on the life cycle of the mites, and would not prevent scabies from showing back up on your skin if the mites are still alive. If you still have symptoms after you finish the course of hydroxyzine, you should go back to see your doctor.

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Lisa A Haglund, MD Lisa A Haglund, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati