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Lung Cancer

About my lung



i have been seen by a lung doctor... a few months back i was told i had a spot on my left upper noudle.... i had a ct done .. and around 6 or 7 months later i think it was .. i was told that it had grow,,, its now a 8.4 I just went to the doctors this past month and the one doctor i seen wants to wait 6 more months ,, another doctor i see said to tell him i want a biocu done... my mom had cancer and die and my dad had cancer and he made it so far... now i just found out my younger bother has cancer .... i am afraid some what .. i dont want to be like my mom and find out when its to late... no one did any more test on her.. they knew that she had a spot on her liver and they did nothing,,,, and she die with in the year.... she was really bad.,,i just want to know what i should do


When a lung nodule has grown, it is reasonable to consider biopsy. Factors that may influence the decision to biopsy include patient risk for lung cancer (especially smoking history), the character of the nodule on CT scan (non-calcified? spiculated?), and the location. A mass located on the periphery (edge) of the lung is often amenable to percutaneous needle biopsy or a simple surgical biopsy. If it is central, then a bronchoscopic approach might be easier, while surgery may not be straightforward. If surgery is suggested, then it is best to see a thoracic surgeon who specializes in lung surgery and who is familiar with minimally invasive surgery such as VATS (video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery). I would consider again discussing your concerns with your pulmonologist. If you are not in agreement with his/her recommendation, then seek a second opinion from another pulmonologist or thoracic surgeon.

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