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Colon Cancer

Can My Lymphoma Spread To My Colon



I was diagnosed with Marginal B Cell Lymphoma 5 Yrs ago.It was localized in the right axialary.Since than my doctors have done the wait ,watch, and see approach.Seven months ago I started to have pain in the lower pelvic area.I`ve got no female organs left and have loose stools.Colonoscopy only showed a diminutive polyp.Can my cancer go into my colon?The pains getting worse and I need answers.


This type of lymphoma is very unlikely to spread to the colon, although not impossible. The fact you had a colonoscopy that was clear is encouraging. You need to follow up closely with your treating physicians.

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Tanios   Bekaii-Saab, MD Tanios Bekaii-Saab, MD
Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
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